When I went on a class trip to Dumbo back in 2009 and saw the work of "yarn bomber" Olek (at the time unknown to me), I didn't think that the strange art--people in crocheted body suits-- would become the subject of much talk today. The crafty vandal is popping up all over the city (not to mention, the world!) with her colorful works of art that's stitched around everything from bikes and cars to people to the Wall Street bull!


What's gotten her name on the keyboards of the press recently? If you live in New York City and walked through Astor Place recently you might have noticed a rather cozy looking Astor Place cube. The landmark was covered in a combination of pink, purple, black, and green camouflage to the surprise of many who walked by. What a sight to see as you walk over to get a cup of joe from the Mud truck, huh? The comfy-looking cube was the artist's own response to Wall Street; the words "I'm still proud of what I do for a living" could be seen on its edges. The sweater is long gone by now, but I wish it had stayed up a bit longer.

Never fear though, you can still watch how it came to fruition in the youtube video below.


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtGSnUgniTs&feature=player_embedded 425x344]

 Photo by Stephen Rex Brown

sources: NY Times|Olek's own site

Tags: art , crochet , Olek

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