New York is a pretty cool place. We all know about the endless supply of renowned museums, and Central Park is like a magical (though overcrowded) forest, but did you know that since 1992 it has been legal for women to be topless in public? Admittedly, it is still rare to actually see a woman brave enough to do so--just because it's legal doesn't mean it's socially acceptable--but on these hot July days it’s getting more and more tempting. 


Jordan Matter created a book, Uncovered, featuring photographs of 80 women of varying age, education, and profession in New York City over a six-year period all exercising their right to be topless. Each woman was a volunteer for the project, and the resulting breathtaking images are truly inspiring. Some women even gave interviews or provided their own writing to add to the book, “revealing their journeys towards self-acceptance.”

According to the website, “Every subject faced reactions to her decision to defy convention, and many confronted feelings of shame and inadequacy. But after the shoots, the women were unexpectedly euphoric.”


To see all of the images, you can purchase the book here. Ten percent of the profits go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  To see more of Jordan Matter’s beautiful photography, check out his website.  If you’re interested in more information or want to know about your local laws regarding the subject, check out Topfree Equal Rights Association’s awesome and informative website here.

So what do you say, ladies? We may not be able to wear skirts while riding bikes this summer, but at least we can feel the cool breeze on our chests.

Publicity images via Uncovered's website.

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