Is the best moment of your day is when you finally can return home and wriggle out of those too-tight pants, pinching shoes, or bra with poking underwire, and engulf yourself in a big fluffy robe? 

Me too. And that's why artist Lauren Maul, created the  The Comfortable Girl comic blog. She describes herself as, "Just your average comfortable girl, seeking a life free form tight clothes and trying to be pretty." She's an advocate of maintaining a high-level of comfort at all times and gives cute advice for uncomfortable situations like crowded airplanes, and why you should never go to hair salons, churches, or fancy parties.


So what exactly does she find uncomfortable? "Uncomfortable stuff. Beer without proper snacks. Seeing a man masturbate while I wait for the bus. Bras. The Patriarchy. You if you're a douche." Word. Bras and patriarchy restrict my comfort level on a daily basis.

You should definitely check out all of the multi-media, adorable, and hilarious posts on The Comfortable Girl, but here are some of my favorites:

Theme Rap Part 1

New Fall Issue d217c

First day of school

Hair Today, probably still Hair Tomorrow

Lauren Maul is also an incredibly multi-talented artist. Check out her website here.

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