Recently I coined the term school-sickness as a way of describing  the existential crisis many of us have when we’re reluctantly ripped from the protective womb of academia. Not only does the Brooklyn Skill Share have a remedy for the post-grad blues, but the grassroots organization offers a priceless experience for those of us who didn’t have the luxury of attending fancy art schools.

Brooklyn Skill Share is organized and taught by local residents brought together by the common belief that, “education is a right, not a commodity” and that we are all responsible for teaching and learning from one another.


The Skill Share offers classes in screenprinting, photography, sewing, glass etching, and much more. Each class is roughly an hour long and doest require pre-registration to attend. All classes are free to the public, but a donation of ten dollars is suggested to keep the organization up and running—sure beats thousands in student loans, doesn’t it?

For a full class schedule, volunteering and location information check out