Saturday's Comicon is known as the "craziest day". Referring to the crowds of course. To me it's the most "exciting" as Saturday night hosts the convention's Masquerade Ball. Many people use this day to debut their best costume. Some of them work on them for weeks, some throughout the year. No matter what level the effort , it's the inspiration of the character being portrayed that shines through. Here are my favorite women of the day.

The New Wonder Woman
Oe ma ke Smurf. Oe ma Na'vi.


Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl challenge you to a race on Paradise Island.
My favorite Manga expert, who waited all night for Harry Potter is all smiles as the Masquerade doors are about to open.


Hetalia is a webcomic, manga, and an anime series that presents an allegorical interpretation of political and historic events, particularly of the World War II era.  You thought she was just a teenager.

Who knew Alice and Catwoman were friends!
Beware. We are in possession of the Death Note.
Ash,Togepi,Pikachu,Misty like the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Orion Starfleet Officer- Sciences and Medical
Xalia- Orion Starfleet Officer-Command
Night Elves, shadowy immortal beings ,were the first to study magic ten thousand years before the Warcraft.

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