If you've happened to look over the significance of Harry Potter fandom, take a closer look. Since the series release in 1997, people of all ages have grown with the characters and have found immense inspiration from the author herself, JK Rowling. Last night hundreds of people camped out for the sneak preview and panel on the upcoming film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.   When I asked one fan what Harry Potter brought to her life she replied, "I learned there is a price to pay for being good, but it's worth being good."
I welled up with tears.

Nicole came down from Portland. Her insight into Harry Potter fandom was self aware and intelligent. She proclaims Luna is her favorite character because she represents the fans.


Harry Potter tattoo. The seven stars represent the seven years at Hogwarts.


I thought she was Malfoy but I was wrong, apparently Anime fans have a strong for love for Harry Potter as well.

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