Dear Frida Kahlo

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Google has informed me that it is your birthday. Happy birthday.


I’m must say that you have become quite accomplished since your death. You’re on a U.S. postage stamp, your 1943 painting "Roots" set the record for the highest-selling portrait by a Latin-American artist, you’ve even had an Academy award nominated film made about you! With Salma Hayek no less! (The movie made me tear up darnit, Frida.)

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Now I know that I haven’t really paid attention to you, despite the fact that we are both women artists, but I still recognize that you are quite the artist. I mean, your paintings give me the hibbi-gibbies, in that “This is cool, but I’m not quite sure if I can look at this for too long” kind of way. You’re up there with the big girls my dear, I’m sure that you’re on the tip of the tongue of anyone asked to name a woman artist from the 20th century…anyway, happy birthday Frida.


Art appreciator Alison 

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