It's always nice to see a woman makin' it big in a dude's world. Comics are generally written by fellas and for fellas. That is why I am pleased to present Girls With Slingshots-a web comic written by the uber talented Ms. Danielle Corsetto!

You won't find any steroid-induced guys in spandex or damsels-in-distress in this strip. Girls With Slingshots features two leading ladies-Hazel, a sardonic lush, and Jamie, a bubbly babe who isn't afraid to show off her lady-curves. Take the time to read all the strips and you will find a lil' bit of dominatrix, a vagina club, some veganism, and a talking cactus. Don't ask, just read...

While I am on the subject of comics-for-ladies, check out Ms. Jess Fink's erotic web comic Chester 5000. I leave you with two words... Robot porn.


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