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Guess we won’t be able to virtually view this painting for a while. Vincent van Gogh’s 1884 painting, titled “Spring Garden” of the vicarage garden in Nuenen, was stolen around 3 am on Sunday night after thieves broke in during a Coronavirus lockdown.

No other art pieces were stolen. Not much is known about who the burglars are, but we do know that they broke a glass door of the building to get in.

Van Gogh’s painting was on loan to the Singer Laren museum from Groninger Museum. Evert van Os, general director of the museum, said that they are "angry, shocked, sad" at the theft of the painting.


The Groninger Museum said in a statement: "The work from 1884, oil on paper on panel (marouflé), is the only painting by Van Gogh in the collection of the Groninger Museum."

The Singer Laren museum is closed to try to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Other events have been cancelled or postponed because of fear of Coronavirus contamination. Broadway, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art in New York City have been shut down for the time being. The NBA, the NCAA and the French Open have been suspended or cancelled.

Ironically, March 30 is van Gogh's birthday. This year keeps getting crazier and crazier; it feels like something out of a movie. I wonder what else 2020 has to hold?



Header image of Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Spring Garden” courtesy of Wikipedia.


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