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Celebrate Possession, Parker Day’s latest photography series, this Friday, July 12th at the Superchief Gallery NY from 7-11pm. With a party to kickoff the solo exhibitition’s opening night, Superchief, one of Brooklyn’s premiere art galleries, will be featuring Juxtapoz Magazine’s summer issue release and local musicians all night long.


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But the real draw of night is Parker Day, longtime BUST friend. The Los Angeles based photographer whose newest work asks, “What does it mean to possess a body? Do you identify with ‘your’ body? Regardless of what body we possess, do we share common human experiences, as well as feelings of potentiality and limitation?” The artist grapples with these questions through a series of colorful images that focuses intensely on the diversity, beauty, and shock value of the human body.

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Day’s exhibit is definitely worth checking out, with her last solo series, ICONS, presented at Superchief Gallery L.A., selling out before it opened in 2017. While you’re there, make sure to take home the Possession series as a book, to bask even longer at the shared bodily spectacle that Parker Day brilliantly highlights in her work. Even if you can’t make it on Friday, be sure to go see Possession’s solo premiere, which will be running at Superchief Gallery NY through Sunday, July 21st.


Top photo via Parker Day

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