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Mumbai-based photographer Victoria Krundysheva's project "The Witch Hunt" has us entranced. In a series of haunting photographs, Krundysheva creates a modern-day exploration of medieval-era witch hunts. She photographs women along with captions about how to spot a witch — for example, "You need to know – they don’t drown, so be on lookout for women who even after you threw them in the water and pushed them under are still emerging, stronger than before."

In her artist statement, Krundysheva writes, "Photography to me is my personal meditation, a way to connect with the world inside me and outside, to identify systems and cycles these worlds function within. My work is both intensely personal and loudly public. I take the major social constructs and issues, internalizing them to reflect my deepest engagement in each. Metaphorical representation of subjects allows me to show the overlooked connections between present and past, dreaming and awakening, logic and intuition where I draw the mystical, but evident parallels between emotional reality and physical world."


See some images from "The Witch Hunt" below, and view more of Krundysheva's work on her website, Facebook, and on Instagram @victoriakrundysheva.


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Witch is often looking confident and not afraid of her sexuality, she will wear bright colors and attract attention.


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They voice their opinion out loud…like women can have one…

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They are peculiar and may not behave in a usual feminine fashion. The easiest way – throw something disgusting on them – if they are not afraid – you have found a witch.

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Witches are often free minded and free spirited – these are the most dangerous kinds – they can’t be tamed and need to be instantly eradicated.

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They stick to each other and support each other…it’s easy to detect because we all know there is no such thing as female friendship.

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You can spot them with a book or attempting to have intellectual conversations…what an abomination.

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They are not afraid of darkness and are readily facing fears – they think it makes them stronger…but that’s because they are evil themselves.

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You need to know – they don’t drown, so be on lookout for women who even after you threw them in the water and pushed them under are still emerging, stronger than before.

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Once you spotted a witch, make sure you take immediate action – scream as loud as you can, call them names, let everybody know who they are. Don’t mind throwing not just words, but stones, threaten them and cut them off any support. Ganging up on one of them is the best success strategy.


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