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Imagine a future in which birth control is a thing of the past, as outdated as a telegraph or an abacus. Scary, right? At the forthcoming exhibition Museum of Banned Objects, you don’t have to imagine. In a collaboration with Planned Parenthood and Ace Hotel, New York City-based artists Ellie Sachs and Matt Starr developed the Museum of Banned Objects to give a haunting glimpse into a maybe-not-so-distant future where reproductive health and contraceptive products have been completely banned. The exhibit will be on display from April 3-30.

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The exhibit houses eight reproductive health products in glass display cases, each with a placard describing the product and its significance. The creepiest part? It’s all in the past tense.

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In a press release, Museum of Banned Objects says the exhibit "encourages the viewer to consider the tenuous promise of tomorrow — nothing is guaranteed, unless you fight for it."

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The Museum Of Banned Objects will be on display at The Gallery at Ace Hotel New York from April 3–30, 2018. Keep scrolling for more images from the exhibit. 


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all photos courtesy of Museum of Banned Objects

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