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Whatever you are doing this Friday, cancel it. Heather Benjamin, the author and illustrator of the comic Sad People Sex, is having her first solo exhibition, “Death of a Tail,” at the Dress Shop Gallery, located at 322 Troutman Street in Brooklyn, New York. The Friday opening will boast a reception from 6-10pm.

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Aligning with BUST’s feminist vibes and values, and particularly important in our current political climate, Benjamin’s work features avatars — part women, part animal — that, in her own words, she uses to “sort through her own trauma and self-analysis, and seeks to give faces, bodies, and narratives to the different facets of her own womanhood.” Exemplifying the multiple facets and frustrations of womanhood, her work reveals a mastery of psychological-self portraiture,while tapping into universal truths about relationships of people to bodies,their own and others. If you can't wait until the show, you can find her work, books, and zines at http://baby-fat.net and http://heather-benjamin.tumblr.com. Check out some of her pieces below.

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Images by Heather Bejamin

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