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Point Green is a big, hip and irresistibly cool art gallery tucked away on Java St. in Brooklyn, NY – their newest exhibition, She Saw the World Brighten and Catch Fire, will feature seven artists who experiment with Ray Bradbury’s short story "Embroidery" and, well, embroidery. The short story by Bradbury focuses on the destructive power of men compared to the creative powers of women, seen through the lens of women sitting in a sewing circle waiting for what turns out to be the end of the world — and it is not exactly subtle.

The art isn’t either.

The art focuses on destruction and resurrection, both caused and stopped by femininity. By experimenting with one of the oldest forms of art, one which is always exclusively seen as “women’s work,” Point Green is attempting to break boundaries and open our eyes as to what is feminine, what is art, and how do the two things come together.

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The artists are mainly but not exclusively New York based, and have a reputation for art that breaks boundaries and questions the world we live in. Opening the show during New York’s Fashion Week was no accident – rather, the timing is supposed “to inspire a wider audience, and hopefully a broader conversation amongst our creative peers,” as explained in their press release. At the end of the day, art is for everyone that enjoys creativity, and if it's feminist and experimental, it's even better! 

Check out the gallery at 260 Jave St, Brooklyn, NY every Wednesday through Friday from 11am-6pm (or by appointment if you're really fancy)


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By Jesse Stien, Instagram/dultery 


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Emma Berg and Ventiko's peacock Dexter photographed by Sam Audino, Instagram/s.audino, pants by Vesper and mask by Emma Berg


dultry instagram

By Dennis Thomas Instagram/nothingmatters_ny



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Domino Whisker's "The Second Coming" wearable collar


Danica Pantic 244

"Women's March" by Danica Pantic  

Emma Berg 2017 1

"We See You" by Emma Berg 

The Second Coming Domino Whisker 2017 1 copy

The Second Coming by Domino Whisker


Photos courtesy Point Green 

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