Ye Funa Two FriNa Cprint mounted on acrylic sheet 125X106.5 2015Two FriNA, 2015

In a world of images constantly being shoved in our faces, begging for our attention, artists Ye Funa and Liang Ban are using those very symbols of pop culture to make art. Hilarious, silly, uplifting art.

Their new exhibition, titled Self-Created Universe, showcases “a body of comical and unique multimedia works,” and will be on display in New York's Klein Sun gallery from January 12 through February 25, 2017.


Check out some of the work below!

Ye Funa Cicicolia Ye Cprint mounted on acrylic sheet 75.4x145cm 2015Cicicolia Ye, 2015


Ye Funa Man Ray Yefu Cprint mounted on aluminum sheet 52.5x120cm 2015Man Ray Yefu, 2015


Ye Funa FriNa Cprint mounted on aluminum sheet 140x105.5cm 2015FriNa, 2015



rsz ye funa the supper of goddess cprint mounted on aluminum sheet 517x150cm 2015The Supper of Goddess, 2015


See the full collection at Klein Sun Gallery, located at 525 W. 22nd Street, New York.

Images via Liang Ban / Ye Funa – Self-Created Universe


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