13.Kaylee Koss

If there is one good thing that has come out of this election it is the inspiration for more feminist art — art that speaks to women across this country and says, “We will not sit quietly." New York's Knockdown Center has organized a NASTY WOMEN exhibition to showcase the abundance of feminist art currently thriving. The exhibition's goal is to start a conversation about women's rights and how to organize and speak out to defend them. The group exhibition features nearly 700 artists who submitted over 1,000 artworks — all of which will be sold for less than $100 apiece with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. The exhibition will also feature a series of performances and events designed to “cultivate discourse, resistance and healing” for those whose communities may be at risk most. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the hashtag #nastywomenexhibition.

Dates: Thursday, January 12 from 7pm-10pm through January 15

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 12 from 7pm-10pm

Exhibit on view: 5-9pm Thursday and Friday, 2-8pm Saturday and Sunday


Knockdown Center

52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY 11387

Here are some of the featured pieces: 

01.bahareh khoshooee the slow betrayal of our bodies by forces we cannot master

Bahareh Khoshooee 'The Slow Betryal of Our Bodies by Forces We Cannot Master,' 2016

02.Angela Pilgrim Afro Puff

Angela Pilgrim, 'Afro Puff ll,' 2015

rsz 04alice maher the glorious maid ireland

Alice Maher 'The Glorious Maid of the Charnel House,' 2016

03.brandi twilley gold and blond

Brandi Twilley, 'Gold and Blonde,' 2011

05.inna babaeva marianne renoir UKRAINE NY

Inna Babaeva, 'Marianne Renoir,' 2016

06.julie curtiss heels on fire

Julie Curtiss, 'Hot Heels,' 2015

New Fall Issue d217c

07.Rebecca Murtaugh

Rebecca Murtaugh 'Aperture: June Berry and Gladiolus,' 2016

08.kelsy gossett Tick Tock VIDEO

Kelsy Gossett 'Tick Tock,' 2016

09.Laura Nova

Laura Nova, 'Six Circulation Fist: a series of 36 postures,' 2016

10.margarida correia dona ana

Margarida Correia, 'Dona Ana,' 2016

11.Katya Grokhovsky

Katya Grokhovsky, 'Hotness (Approval Pending),' 201612.katarisporrong personalpolitics

Katari Sporrong 'Personal Politics,' 2016

13.Kaylee Koss

Kaylee Koss, 'Malos Ojos,' 2015

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