tumblr n3lfiifqJR1qcy81to1 1280Meat Swimmer

In a new feature, we're expanding our "Parting Glance" portrait from BUST magazine! 

In our October/November issue, we feature the glorious painting "Meat Swimmer" (above) by Penelope Gazin as our "Parting Glance" (FYI, if you don't subscribe to BUST —  you should, and you can do it right here, right now — the "Parting Glance" is a full-page feature of a work of feminist art that appears in every other issue.)


Penelope shared a few more of her paintings with us for you to gaze at online — including two new paintings she made post-election, "Feel Nothing," and "It's Not Sexual I'm Just Not That Into Breathing." 

femmebotxs3"Feel Nothing"

chokepainting"It's Not Sexual I'm Just Not That Into Breathing"

You can follow Gazin on Tumblr and Instagram, and check out the e-commerce website she co-founded, witchsy.com, as well.

fuckdungeonWelcome To The Fuck Dungeon


iamveryhappy008"I Am Very Happy. I Do Not Think About Death All Day"

yougivemestrengthtodie copy"You Give Me Strength (To Die)"

noonessafesmall copy"No One Is Safe From Fun"

techpainting copy"The Latest In Tech"

cyclepage1"Cycle," page 1cyclepage2"Cycle," page 2

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Penelope Gazin is a painter, animator, and almost musician currently living in Los Angeles. She is sassy, secretive, sophisticated, and sensual. Her turn-ons are apathy and inspiration and her turn-offs are excuses and apathy. She plays in a band Sadwich and is co-founder of the e-commerce website for artists witchsy.com. Also she likes to dance.