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Art has long been used as a means to express a culture's current political ideals—for example, most Americans are able to recognize the Barack Obama "Hope" poster that iconized Obama's 2008 campaign for the presidency. This piece is iconic because it sparks an emotional response for change, progress, and invention, however, Obama is not the only candidate whose values have been captured by visual artists. Just yesterday, Polish-born fiber artist, Crocheted Olek, debuted her latest masterpiece—an enormous crochet billboard dedicated to Hillary Clinton and her campaign.


Olek is a crochet artist who lives in New York City, known for her guerilla-style execution and unfiltered politically poignancy. She is most recognized crocheting over the Wall Street Bull in 2010 and her involvement in aiding female Syrian and Ukranian refugees in crocheting a house in Avesta, Sweden, to illustrate the power of women, in September of this year.

While the exact location of this piece is TBD, it is likely that Olek chose to exhibit this billboard in New York where she currently resides. Let's hope that the city will let this piece stay up until next Tuesday and that it inspires people to vote in this year's election. 

Photo via Crocheted Olek


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