Stefanie45aStefanie (Week 45)

Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, both informational designers, decided to visualize data from their daily lives in the form of hand drawn postcards. At the time, Lupi was living in New York City and Posavec in London. As the pair corresponded for a year, forming a unique relationship based in art and data. These postcards are tiny maps of emotion, and as each artist draws out their life in new clusters and graphs, you see how their creative companionship blossoms. Each detail, from complaints to laughter, is delicately translated into pinpoints on a greater map of friendship.

We hope these postcards inspire you to map out your own life and remind you to pay attention to the little things.


Stefanie45bStefanie (Week 45)

Giorgia01aGiorgia (Week 1)

Giorgia01bGiorgia (Week 1)

Stefanie01aStefanie (Week 1)

Stefanie01bStefanie (Week 1)

Giorgia21aGiorgia (Week 21)

Giorgia21bGiorgia (Week 21)

Stefanie07aStefanie (Week 7)

Stefanie07bStefanie (Week 7)

Giorgia39aGiorgia (Week 39)

Giorgia39bGiorgia (Week 39)

New Fall Issue d217c

Stefanie13aStefanie (Week 13)

Stefanie13bStefanie (Week 13)

Giorgia42aGiorgia (Week 42)

Giorgia42bGiorgia (Week 42)

Stefanie52aStefanie (Week 52)

Stefanie52bStefanie (Week 52)

Giorgia50aGiorgia (Week 50)

Giorgia50bGiorgia (Week 50)

The complete, original correspondance has been published into a new book, Dear Data, and is now available through Princeton Architectural Press and Amazon.

DearData cover 4

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