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These paintings and drawings are everything you need for your Tuesday—they are curvy, fierce, and enchanting.

Here at BUST we are committed to providing art that features all different sizes and shapes. In his "pinups" series, Blake Eason, a mixed-media artist, challenges our perceptions of beauty by creating glamorous and seductive mermaids and fairies.



Eason discussed his artistic inspiration with BUST: “One of the main reason is that I get tired of seeing the same figures being used in various genres of art. Something I'm sure that most can people agree with is that it feels good to see an interesting character that looks similar to themselves. So I create characters with a variety of shapes and ethnic backgrounds to help mix it up.”

I couldn't agree more. We all love mermaids and fairies but it's pretty disappointing when they're only portrayed as skinny, young, and white. It's also quite boring. Representation is important, as it makes a difference when people can relate to mesmerizing artwork.

Eason shows us that curvy merfolk and fey are lovely in every stage of their lives. Additionally, that beauty lies in their grace, confidence, and ultimately their power.

Check out the rest of his amazing collection below.

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 Check out more from Blake Eason on Instagram and Website

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