178 Seeing Ourselves

If anyone ever made you feel shame for taking selfies or self-promoting, these women have your back. In the book Seeing Ourselves: Women's Self-Portraitsauthor Frances Bozello pays tribute to the women who recognized that they themselves were just as worthy of a subject for their own artwork as any other person or thing. Bozello writes, "Self-portraits are not innocent reflections of what artists see when they look in the mirror. They are part of the language painters use to make a point, from the simple 'this is what I look like' to the more complicated 'this is what I believe in.'"

Throughout the book, Bozello includes over 100 self-portraits of women throughout history, as well as touches on symbolic trends that span decades, and questions why women were and perhaps are so reluctant to boast about themselves, particularly through art.  


135 Seeing OurselvesFrances Benjamin Johnston, Self-portrait, c.1896.

124 Seeing OurselvesBerthe Morisot, Self-portrait with her Daughter Julie, 1885.

137 Seeing OurselvesAlice Austen, Julia Martin, Julia Bredt, and Self dressed up as men, 1891.

178 Seeing OurselvesDorothea Tanning, Birthday, 1942

140 Seeing OurselvesMarianne von Werefkin, Self-portrait, 1908-10.

151 Seeing OurselvesGluck, Self-portrait with cigarette, 1925.



58 Seeing OurselvesMary Beale, Self-portrait (detail), c. 1675-80.

 13 Seeing OurselvesSabine Lepsius, Self-portrait, 1885.

240 Seeing OurselvesMari Lassing, Selbstportrait mit Hasen (Self-portrait with Rabbit), 2000.

29 Seeing OurselvesSofonisba Anguissola, Self-portrait, c. 1610.

 9780500239469 Seeing Ourselves

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