Ange is a New York City-based performance artist whose photographs are so unflinchingly evocative, you can't help but wince!  As an outward expression of inner turmoil, Ange covers her naked body in objects that are typically used to inflict pain.  These photographs definitely elicit a visceral reaction!  Scroll through to see all of her works, which are available for purchase online.





Ange Requiem Pour Un Con

Ange Rejections Cut Deep



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Courtney Bissonette is a New York based writer and improv comedienne. She writes primarily about movies, pop cultures and feminist heroes. She gets along best with old people. She has seen more old movies than your grandma, probably. Salt from Salt n Pepa once took her Trick'r Treating. You can follow her on instagram at @gddamnitcourtney or twitter @courttette