Jammed I

Oh hot damn, this is our jam. Brooklyn-based artist Stickymonger has a new exhibit opening at the Superchief Gallery at Tender Trap in Greenpoint and it looks stick... errr, sick.



"With an obsession to convert spaced into imaginary worlds that emerge as giant mural installations, Stickymonger's murals are composed of black "stickers," meticulously cut from giant sheets of vinyl and installed piece by piece by the artist creating images that melt and flow together.  Her subjects are visceral: darkness, prejudice and anxiety are represented as eyes, holes, and little girls, allowing the viewer to vicariously experience Stickymonger’s sardonic signification viewpoint of human nature." according to Stickymonger.com.  The exhibit opens today from 7pm-11pm. And trust us, it's a sticky situation you'll want to get into. 

Anxiety Attacks  

2015-11-04 Digital Being at DDA Gallery-2

Jammed II

StickyMonger Artwork Pics 0003 Layer 3


You can also catch Stickymonger at the L.A. Craftacular on May 7th or follow her at Stickymonger instagram.



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I've attached some images of works she will have in the show, and some past installation work as well so you have an idea of the vinyl monsters.


If you're interested in an interview she is super fast on email- or if you'd like to come by for the install this Thursday, it should be a really strong show- i'd be proud to give you or a member of your team a tour!

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