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The '90s are so hot right now!

These eye-popping nostalgic images are part of a photo series called, aptly, Teenagers in Their Bedrooms. In 1995, artist and photographer Adrienne Salinger decided she was sick and tired of seeing trumped-up, glamourized images of unrealistic teenage life on TV shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210.  She told Huck Magazine that she wanted to "represent the actual realities of young people growing up in early ’90s America."


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Teenagers of any decade will no doubt relate to the photo series, accompanied by short interviews with the teens themselves in a style reminiscent of the popular photography project Humans of New York. The girls (and boys!) share stories of getting caught with drugs, disappointing their parents, losing their home in a fire, getting pregnant during their first sexual encounter and losing a mother to suicide.

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It's almost as though we get a candid look not only into their bedrooms, but their lives as well!  Keep scrolling for more intimate portraits of yesterday's youth:

Peggy B

Lynne M

Latrelle D

Krissy P

Jennifer G

Ellen L

Dena D


Danielle D

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Aimie D

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photos used with permission by Adrienne Salinger.


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