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Let’s be honest, Bernie is the hunky hero we have all been waiting for: He likes his women educated and unbound from the political web around our bodies; his idea of whispering sweet nothings is laying out his plan to break up the banks; just the sound of his voice can make a girl swoon.

But have you ever wondered what is under that slightly wrinkled button-up? Really just how big is his caucus?

The secret is out: He is one hunk-a-hunk of Bernin’ love.

bernie1Nicole Daddona


Buff Bernie: A Coloring Book For Berniacs, written and illustrated by Nicole Daddona, will have you drooling enough to mix your own watercolors. With over 20 pages of Bernie flexing his Presidential bod, there is enough material to keep your loins Bern-ing till election day. So grab your favorite pack of gel pens and get coloring, girl!

Screen Shot 2016 03 07 at 1.16.09 PMNicole Daddona


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