Confection Alison Brady "Confection" by Alison Brady

"Beauty Undefined” is an art exhibit debuting on March 2nd in New York City. Twenty international artists provide breathtaking pieces exploring the concept of womanhood, self-love, and beauty ideals.

The artwork redefines feminine beauty and the female form. The collection was curated by Monica Watkins and Magda Love.

100% of the proceeds from “Beauty Undefined” goes to Project India, a series of art workshops produced by anti-human trafficking non-profit Beauty for Freedom. The goal is to promote self-expression and confidence for the survivors of sex trafficking in India and Cambodia. 



 Alexa Dasha Dare "Alexa" by Dasha Dare


 Heart Attack Allie Olson "Heart Attack" by Allie Olson


Rob Forbes Sokphalla Ban The Color of Freedom "The Color of Freedom" by Rob Forbes & Sokphalla Ban

"This show really challenges us all to create our own definitions of the female form in regards to beauty. We need to expand our minds and embrace the fact that there is freedom in letting go of old cultural conceptions of women and beauty. "Beauty Undefined" celebrates that freedom." - Monica Watkins | Beauty Undefined Curator/Beauty for Freedom Founder


 Birth Erica Simone"Birth" by Erica Simone



New Fall Issue d217c


 Untitled 2 Ekaterina Kulikova "Untitled 2" by Ekaterina Kulikova


 Electric Eyes Allie Olson"Electric Eyes" by Allie Olson

 The White Dress Tim Okamura"The White Dress" by Tim Okamura

"I think it's absolutely vital that we continue to break down existing stereotypes of what beauty is, and examine how it has been portrayed in the history of this country, and for that matter, around the world. Hard-wired ideals that have been passed along through generations - and continue to be supported by all manner of media - have to be confronted head on and recognized as a root cause of women suffering from feelings of inadequacy and insecurity relating to self-image to this day. We have to collectively push through established boundaries and keep building towards a higher level of consciousness that celebrates all manner of beauty and instills in women a fundamentally essential love of self. I'm humbled to be associated with the important work of Monica Watkins and Beauty for Freedom and I'm honored to have been asked to donate artwork to the "Beauty Undefined" exhibition. As an artist, it's very meaningful to be able to contribute to advancing this important movement." Tim Okamura | Beauty Undefined Exhibiting Artist

Lina Valentina Mixed Media on Canvas Untitled 1"Untitled 1" by Lina Valentina
 Untitled Ekaterina Kulikova"Untitled" by Ekaterina Kulikova
Marco Gallotta Untitled Illustration"Untitled" by Marco Gallotta

Toto Cullen Grace Bol"Grace Bol" by Toto Cullen  
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