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Qulture Collective, a creative safe-space for queer peoples and allies based in Oakland, CA, is hosting a new gallery entitled From a Place With No Space Or Time, on display from Friday, February 12 through February 29. The two-part installation captures the mysticism of the queer Black femme, depicted through interpretations of mythology, magic, and ancient ritual. Oakland-based multidisciplinary artist, India Davis, conceived the project. Photos are taken by New Orleans-based photographer, Lauren Hind. A trained acrobat and aerialist, Davis is not only the subject but also the Creative Director of both projects, presenting this series of stills aimed to inspire viewers with images of Black experience and power.

As a segment that juxtaposes oasis against a barren wasteland in Adrift, the New Mexican shoot follows an afro-surreal water spirit (or ‘djinn’) as she navigates a vast rolling gypsum sand dune desert. The second installation, What The World Knows of Infinity, pays homage to New Orleans as a realm of Black spiritual power by channeling poses from the World card of Tarot lore. Vibrant with depictions of self-love and self-determination, the exhibition narrates a reclamation of Black folklore previously lost through enslavement and spiritual colonialism. See below for hours and location, and a sneak peak of the shoot!

Air Expansion 2 for web ISDLH 2016Air Expansion 2, 2016Earth Grounding 3 ISDLH 2016Earth Grounding 3, 2016Fire Becoming 3 for web ISDLH 2016 Fire Becoming 3, 2016Home 3 for web ISDLH 2016Home 3, 2016Water Emerging 3 for webWater Emerging 3, 2016


For more information: 
Location: 1714 Franklin St. Oakland, CA 94612
Hours: Café 8am-3pm / Gallery & Shop 10am-4pm / Workspace 8am-4pm

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