Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Sitkin has an eye for the grotesque. Her photos collapse the boundary between spellbound and stay-the-fuck-away. Her use of the ugly as an aesthetic lure is definitely imaginative: never would I have thought of an ear attached to the back of my smart phone, for instance.

More impressive is the fact that the artist creates her own costumes and sculptures which serve as fodder for the artists’ play with the hideous and the deformed. Sitkin's work is truly next level and brings out the part of me that just wants to hide in abandoned homes talking to bats forever. Not that I'm like, anything less than normal, or anything...


Check out these ten photos for a peak into the haunting surrealism of Sitkin’s vision, and click over to Sitkin's website to see more. 






New Fall Issue d217c





Photos courtesy Sarah Sitkin

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