Portrait of Hartigan, photo by Cecil Beaton

This December 1st-6th, during Art Basel in Miami, the X Contemporary Art Fair is exhibiting some of the later works of Grace Hartigan, a celebrated Abstract Expressionist from the New York School in the mid-20th century. The collection, assembled by Hartigan’s former art dealer, the late Beatrice Perry, and curated by Michael Klein, is comprised of some of Hartigan’s works from 1960 through 1965.


Hartigan was quite often the only woman in a sea of well-recognized male artists such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. She was the only woman represented in the acclaimed “The New American Painting” exhibition in 1958-59. Though an Abstract Expressionist, many critics have viewed her work as a precursor to Pop Art, given her blending of motifs and unique brushwork.

Here are a few of Hartigan’s works in the collection:

Pomegranate, 1961-62

Pallas Athena Gray, 1960


Snow Angel, 1960


Images courtesy of X Contemporary

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