"Seedling II" by Linda Vallejo is available for purchase to support the #YesAllWomen Art Fundraiser.

While most things on the Internet should stay on the Internet, in some cases, ideas bred online are best expressed away from the pixels and asshole trollers, and placed in a live, tangible setting where real people can come together to champion a real cause. And with the #YesAllWomen hashtag creating a safe space for millions of women to share their experiences with violence and misogyny, photographer, writer and all-around feminist badassian, Jessie Askinazi, found the perfect way to transfer the hashtag from the web to the art world in an upcoming #YesAllWomen Art Fundraiser on Sept.19 in LA.


“When I was first reading about #YesAllWomen stories, the stories were real, they were not fiction,” said Askinazi over the phone from Los Angeles. “So I was like, I need to further this context somehow, and take it off the Internet and put it in a live space where women in contemporary art, which is so minimal in general, can come together.”

"Relationship, #55" by Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst will be auctioned off to support East Los Angeles Women's Center. 

Born in New York and raised in South Florida, Askinazi has fused art with activism since childhood. Battling depression and panic attacks, the unconventional structure she experienced at an early age instilled in her a level of empathy for the underdog, compelling her to create lemonade stands with friends in support of local organizations like Kids in Distress, who provide services for abused children, and other worthwhile causes. “When I was in middle school,” Askinazi explains, “I would volunteer at nursing homes. I always had a major inclination to be there for those who were suffering. Those were my people.”

Continuing in the same vein, the #YesAllWomen Art Fundraiser, a one-night-only live event and art auction at Dilettante in Los Angeles, will donate all proceeds to the East Los Angeles Women’s Shelter, whose programs offered assistance to more than 8,300 women and children last year. This immersive exhibition and silent auction, curated by Askinazi and hosted by actress/activist Rose McGowan, will feature artwork, performance art and book readings—with additional artwork available for purchase on auction site paddle8—by more than 15 brilliant artists including Kim Gordon, Kathleen Hanna, Barbara Kruger, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and Favianna Rodriguez.

"Penny," a photograph by Amanda Demme, is available for auction to support the #YesAllWomen Art Fundraiser. 

Megan Amram, a master Tweeter and comedy writer for TV shows like Parks and Rec and Silicon Valley, plans to read excerpts from her latest book, Science...For Her!, and believes it will add a lot to the event. “I think it fits really well into the theme,” said Amram, “Because the book satirizes the culture of women and men talking down to women with the tone of a Cosmo or whatever women’s magazine. It does start talking about a lot of different issues that are important to #YesAllWomen, including assault culture and discrimination in the work force and stereotypes that men might use towards women.”

New Fall Issue d217c

Alexandra Grant's "Yes, I'm Really Happy to See You" is also available for auction.

Also adding to Saturday’s list of performances is artist, La Porscha, who dissects race, sexuality, oppression and feminism through music and meditative performances. She believes that the importance of #YesAllWomen is imperative to all types of women, especially women of color. “I’m totally behind a #YesAllWomen hashtag,” said La Porscha. “I think that all women experience misogyny and violence. But I can’t talk about women’s issues without talking about women of color, especially as black women, because white women, for so long, have been on top of everything. And in my experience of being called mean and angry, I want to talk about things and perform things about being shut down and being made to feel guilty. That’s what’s cool about this #YesAllWomen’s benefit. I want women of color and black women to feel inspired - to feel that they can make any kind of music they want and be as creative as they want.”

La Porscha. Photo credit: Logan White

To support the #YesAllWomen Art Fundraiser, make sure to visit the official Go Fund Me page, where all capital raised goes directly to the East Los Angeles Women’s Center. And don’t forget to purchase VIP and general admission tickets here.

By Stephanie Dubick

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