If you’re like me, then you love when artists put a new spin on the classic Disney princesses. We’ve seen them super sexualized, with beards, and even fused with Orange is the New Black characters. The newest Disney princess art might be my favorite, though.

Tumblr artist, TheNamelessDoll, reimagined some of our favorite princesses as plus-sized, but instead of simply illustrating them this way, she created some impressive GIFs that actually bring the princesses to life. 


TheNamelessDoll’s creations speak to the growing call from audiences to see a plus-sized princess. Last year in fact, a high school student actually started an online petition for Disney to feature their first plus-sized female protagonist. While we still haven’t gotten one, these new GIFs give us a small glimpse into what we’re in for, and it’s awesome.


Check out TheNamelessDoll’s tumblr page for even more awesome Disney animations and illustrations, including movie mashups, heriones reimagined with short hair, and a muscular version of Ariel. 

Via Refinery29

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