Give a talented feminist a tiny chipboard water tower, and she’ll probably make a beautiful work of art from it. That’s what Boundless Brooklyn, a company specializing in the creation of these intricate, eco-friendly replica model kits, was thinking when they asked legendary graffiti artist Claudia “Claw Money” Gold to curate "Towers of Power," an all-female art show. Claw asked 36 fellow female artists to use the miniature towers as canvasses for creative expression,  Claw Money's collaborative show will feature pieces reflecting each woman’s notion of “what feminism means."  

 Cool, right? It gets better. All the towers are crafted from 100 percent recycled materials, and you can see the finished pieces in Soho’s MOMA Design store. 

 “Towers of Power” will be on display from June 11 to the June 18th  in the Soho MOMA Design store and will include work by 179, Ashley Olan, Aquarela Sabol, Danielle Mastrion, Danielle Vanacore, Deb, Diana Contreras, Doña,Elle, Erotica 67, Gilf, Haley Wollens, Jade Jones, Kazilla, Klor 123Klan, Lex, Lexi Bella, Lora Baize, Marthalicia, MC Baldassari, Merlot, Mickey, Miss 17 Mrs, Murrz, Nilla Bands, NM Salgar, Panmela Castro, Pia Phelps, Reina Mia Brill, Tash One, Utah, Zera, and Zukie, and, of course, Claw Money herself. And if you come to reception, there will be drinks available from 6 to 8 pm provided by Sailor Jerry.


 Here’s the address, BUST is also a sponsor. We’ll see you there.

 Towers of Power

Thursday June 11th, 2015

New Fall Issue d217c

MOMA Design Store

81 Spring Street  
New York, NY


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