Mercado Sagrado — or Sacred Market — is an annual celebration of the "canyon spirit":  The festivities feature artisan goods, healing arts, live music, and what is perhaps best described as really positive vibes. Hosted by Carly Jo Morgan and Heather Culp on May 2 and 3 in Topanga, California and set deep in Malibu Canyon, this year's fest was surrounded by mountains and old growth oak groves; it was also steeped in nouveau bohemian makers and curators of vintage goods from around the country. You may have missed your chance to go this year, but we would highly recommend putting it on the calendar for spring 2016 — it's worth the wait!

It is a true feast for the senses, with art ranging from outstanding visuals by artists like Elena Stonaker with her ultra-vibrant soft sculptures to Juniper Ridge's aromatic blends of Wilderness Perfumes foraged from nature and named after the places they come from. On Saturday, Juniper Ridge was on-site distilling white sage: The intoxicating smell was the perfect accompaniment to the mellow sounds coming from the Gnome Life Records stage, featuring artists like Linda Perhacs — an American psychedelic folk singer — who released her first album Parallelograms in 1970, and The Range of Light Wilderness.

Notable makers and curators in attendance included Artist and Sculptor, Aleph Geddis; Emily Katz of Modern Macrame; Curator of The Radder, Sherise Lee; Artist and Curator of The End, Kime Buzzelli; Furniture Designers, Only Love Is Real; Toools and SIDE/BAR, Ceramic Artists and Sculptors; and Jacqueline Suskin, Poet and Poem Store Performance Artist. The event was filled with love, positive vibes, and community — but don't take our word for it.  Check out all these amazing photos by Christopher Dibble from the fest below.


Emily Katz, Modern Macrame, Portland, @emily_katz 

Shanacie, Stylist, The Well, @thewell_la

Elena Stonaker, Sculptor/Wearable soft goods, LA, @elenastonaker

New Fall Issue d217c

Sherise Lee, Owner/Curator, The Radder, @theradder

Jacqueline Suskin, On Demand Poet, LA, @jsuskin

Aleph Geddis, Artist/Sculptor, PNW, @alephgeddis

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