Warning: This four minute time-lapse video with original music might get you teary-eyed. Dutch artist Frans Hofmeester filmed his now teenage daughter, Lotte, for 15 seconds every week since she was born, and sped it up to give us a condensed look at the process of growing up.

Portrait of Lotte shows Hofmeester’s daughter’s transformation from a baby to a young woman. It displays her raw emotion from week to week—sometimes cheerful, sometimes upset or angry, and oftentimes chatty. Her hairstyles change, she starts wearing makeup, she gets braces… and spoiler alert: The girl never hits an awkward phase.  


Watching Lotte interact with her dad as he holds the camera gives you that feeling parents often describe—that kids grow up fast, like really fast. But despite how much she’s grown over time, it’s obvious that at age 14, Lotte—like all young people—remains vulnerable:


Image via YouTube

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