In her book “I Heart Girl,” New York photographer Jessica Yatrofsky presents bodies we aren’t used to seeing in the media to challenge the social constructs of beauty and gender identity. The collection from powerHouse Books follows her 2011 hit “I Heart Boy,” which similarly explores masculinity in the male body.

By working with mostly (or completely) naked subjects, Yatrofsky shows us the vulnerability of the human form, and illuminates our cultural concepts and predisposed definitions of femininity and perfection. Yatrofsky’s work serves as more of a narrative than a collection of images, and is sexual without being hyper-sexualized—it's raw, but not vulgar. 


“I think beauty is seen, expressed, and agreed on across cultures in a variety of ways” she told i-D, “and I intend to be part of this dialogue as an artist who explores an image that is not always consistent with mainstream media.”

We agree, and we recommend you check out Yatrofsky's book now!


Images via Jessica Yatrofsky