Amelia's Magazine was founded in 2004 by Amelia Gregory, a professional photographer-turned-independent publisher who also calls celidhs (or barndances, if you prefer) with her band Green Kite Midnight.

"Amelia’s Magazine began and continues life at Amelia’s House, which is consequently very unglamourous and full of boxes," reads the blurb on her website. "It was and is a labour of love: run on a shoestring by Amelia Gregory and her dedicated team of interns from her house on an estate in the heart of London’s East End."


What's not to like? And the magazine itself was a bright, swirling, inspirational thing, covering creative projects in the worlds of art, fashion, music, illustration, photography, craft and design. With its hefty size – more book than magazine – and memorable covers, it's no wonder that many issues are now collector's items.

After decamping to the internet, Amelia decided that to mark the endeavor's ten-year anniversary a return to print was required – a limited-edition collectible artists’ book with an exclusive series of A2 limited edition art prints with real gold leaf. The artworks and writing for the book have been found through an open brief based on the theme of That Which We Do Not Understand. "The brief was inspired by the personal experience of two late miscarriages and will explore the many ways in which humans seek to understand the things that they don’t understand in their lives," says Amelia.

The results are understandably diverse and intriguing – and many of the artworks  focus on femininity, such as The Empress by Daria Hlazatova (pictured top) and these below by Laura Wilson and Emma Farrarons.