Jen Corace, a freelance illustrator from southern NJ, now living in Providence, Rhode Island, will be at Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon this Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 6pm! Her solo show, a West Coast exclusive engagement, will be open to the public for free from September 11-October 5. 

The first show in Portland will be called "Without" and her next second show at the Art Star in Philadelphia on October 11 will be called "Within." 


Check out either of the galleries (or both!) on their opening nights for an artist reception where you can meet Corace and see her new body of work.


Corace enjoys illustrating children's books and telling a story through her work. Her illustrations, not dissimilar from the lovely and dreamy work of fellow artist Carson Ellis, can be at all times whimsical and flowery and magical, just erring on the edge of the surreal and dark.

Visit Jen Corace's site to see more of her work, shop her art, and learn about upcoming shows. 

All images courtesy of Land Gallery and Jen Corace