Attention New York City babes! “Black Moon,” is an exhibition coming to Manhattan and you all better prepare to have your minds blown.

“Black Moon” was created in November 2013 by five friends – four brilliant fine artists and one passionate gallerist, and the two days the group spent together in a Los Angeles studio exploring and celebrating art, music, friendship and everyone’s favorite time of year.


“Black Moon” includes a range of inspired artworks from “tiny, fastidious sculptures,” by Elizabeth McGrath and Jessicka Addams to a series of “unsettling” clown portraits by Marion Peck, to glitter and more glitter by Camille Rose Garcia. In true sisterhood fashion, these women decided to band together and share the spotlight.


The reception for “Black Moon" will be held on October 24th at site 109 on the Lower East Side, two blocks south of Sloan Fine Art’s former New York City location. The exhibit will run for only one week, from October 25th through November 2, 2014, so be sure to check it out before it's gone!

Below are some of examples of the ladies' incredible work!