Biophilia Live, a new documentary from Jacqui Edenbrow and Gloria Films, is bringing Björk's eighth studio album (and its accompanying multimedia suite of apps and art) to the big screen. 

Biophilia, which integrated music and science to produce an artistic and educational simulation of reality, involved collaborations between artists, designers, and techies. Through mobile apps, users could enter the digital world of Biophilia and alter it.


Building An iPad App For Bjork | Scott Snibbe from The Creators Project on Vimeo.


The Biophilia Live documentary intersperses footage of the nature films and experimental instruments featured in the concert (including the Sharpsicord, a Tesla Coil, a pendulum harp, and a hybrid gamelan-celesta) with animated sequences meant to further immerse the viewer in the Biophilia experience. 

On September 26th, the documentary will come to the US via NYC's IFC center, and will be shown at Los Angeles' Downtown Independent, Chicago's Gene Siskel Film Center, and other major cities throughout the month of October.

Check out the trailer and hold onto your brains: