It’s not news to any of us that Jane Austen is one of the most amazing goddess/writers of human history, which is why, whenever I hear about anything remotely Austen-esque, I get ridiculously excited.  Then, when I learn that this Austen-spired thing is also super feminist and fabulous, I need to take a second to avoid hyperventilation. 

You can only imagine what my morning looked like when I clicked the link to Manfeels Park, a comic with dialogue composed entirely of sexist web commentary and witty rejoinders—all set to scenes traced from the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  (I’m sorry Keira Knightley fans, but the BBC version is—once again—just so much better!!!) 


I can’t even describe the Austen-gasm I’m having right now.  I’m just so happy.  This webcomic is hilarious



There’s nothing like a little literary inspiration to help fight the patriarchy, one webcomic at a time! Check out Manfeels Park and rejoice in the lasting wit of the incomparable Jane Austen. 

Webcomic courtesy of Manfeels Park.