Enra is a self-described “entertainment unit,” a Japanese dance troupe “which presents the ultimate fusion of images and live performance.” And they've really raised the bar with their latest production, “Pleiades.” They've created a fluid work of art in which lights and music accompany the dancers, and all the elements join together to build a powerful, strangely emotional dance. 


The two dancers seem to represent a greater order, as if their movement are perfectly dictated by physics and gravity. 


Nobuyuki Hanabusa, the video artist, highlights the dancers’ hands and movements using lights that moves like stars across the dark blue background. He draws lines between the two dancers, tying their movements together into a single, great dance. The result is pretty incredible.

Although this dance only involves 2 dancers, enra is made up of 5 dancers and a video artist.  They're also expected to perform at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Can anybody get us a ticket? (P.S. Check out their audition video here!)  


Images courtesy of huffingtonpost.com and dashburst.com.