Dive deep into contemplation today, at the opening of a new, artist-curated warehouse show: RESONANCE: The Thoughts Before Thought. RESONANCE opens April 17 (today, people) and closes on April 27 at the Headscapes Warehouse at 26-19 Jackson Avenue, in Long Island City, Queens. In this group show, multiple talented artists collaborate to transform a warehouse into a metaphysical experience. In its press release, RESONANCE relates the show to psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s dream work and the possibility of “magic instead of certainty."

Featured artists include:

Jade Brandt


Ryan C. Doyle

Ben Burke

Monica Canilao

M.V. Carbon

Nathan Corbin 

and many, many others!



Above, Orien McNeil’s "Bower bird nest" attaches to the ceiling. Only accessible from a custom rope ladder, the nest is entirely mirrored on the inside.

Monica Canilao, another featured artist, shared this picture on her blog. Note the caption below:

 ///> I am in NYC to make a new installation & works for a rad group show called RESONANCE at the Headscapes warehouse {26-15 Jackson Ave} in Long Island City, NY… Opening April 17th!! Some of the artists include Benjamin Mortimer// Swoon// Jeff Stark// Orien Mcneill// Robin Aurora Frohardt// Laura McMillian & more. ////

RESONANCE was organized by Benjamin Mortimer, with support from See.Me, Rockrose, and the Holocenter Center for the Holographic Arts.

For more information check out the RESONANCE facebook or tumblr.

RSVP to this free show here.