Oh look, it’s Agent Dana Scully of the X-Files carrying a wounded alien! This photograph of a nude Gillian Anderson, adorned with a deceased conger eel, is actually part of Fish Love’s new campaign to end overfishing. The British organization, founded by Nicholas Rohl and Greta Scacchi, released Denis Rouvre’s images of celebrities and dead fish in attempt to raise awareness about deep sea trawling, a practice that continues to fatally damage the ocean floor, killing many creatures in its by-catch. 




The English Parliament faces the decision on whether or not to ban the practice, and the French government has avoided the legislation. Pressure from the public will go a long way in helping to ban trawling, and celebrities from all over Europe have come out to support our waters. “If we join together now we can make sure this fragile ecosystem gets the rescue plan it needs,” reads the Fish Love Petition, which you can sign here.



Take a look at the striking images below. Rouvre’s heartbreaking photographs capture the majesty of our ocean’s creatures in a vein similar to that of high-end fashion photography; the celebrities carry the weight of the ocean’s destruction in startlingly earnest portraits. Sensual yet far from sexualized, the nude celebrities appear vulnerable and resilient, just like out underwater friends. 




Thanks to Salon

Images via Salon