While searching for a temp job, the artist Coco Layne shaved the sides of her head. Soon after, she got an interview with a conservative clothing company. She wore a wig to conceal her unusual hairstyle. To fit in at work, she parted her hair in a more “feminine” way, covering the shaved areas of her head; she wore makeup. 



She documented the transition in her gender presentation on film. In the series, called Warpaint, she hopes to show just how easy it is to change the perception of oneself through makeup and hair: “one person can seamlessly go from each end of the feminine/ masculine spectrum.” She says she’s treated differently based on how she appears, but she doesn’t feel different either way; she tells Buzzfeed, “The experience wasn’t really like putting on a ‘femme costume’ or anything; I was always still the same person.”


The interesting thing about her shots are that the camera operates as a viewer; she poses differently to appropriate conceptions one might have of her. In the photos without makeup, she looks the camera head on, but in the others, she might tilt her head or close her eyes slightly. The images are really surprising and fascinating. Take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments!




Thanks to Buzzfeed

Images via Buzzfeed