Miranda July wants to give you something. She’s got these cool, creative friends, and her friends have email accounts just brimming with interesting private messages that she thinks your eyes should sneak a peek at.


Which friends? Oh, just Lena Dunham, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kirsten Dunst, writers Sheila Heti and Etgar Keret, artists Catherine Opie and Danh Vo, physicist Lee Smolin, and Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy (!). Together, plus you, these creative brains make up WE THINK ALONE.



It's Miranda's latest artsy endeavor: you sign up to receive a bunch of random (ish) emails forwarded from the sent boxes of the above-mentioned folks, once a week for twenty weeks starting July 1. Each week has a theme, and while most remain a mystery, we know that the first set of emails will be about money.



Lena Dunham's money emails are probs  pretty different from Hannah Horvath's.


In Miranda's own words, "privacy, the art of it, is evolving," with "radical self-exposure" and "classically manicured discretion" existing in tandem. She thinks sharing once-private emails is a good way to explore that. 

“I’m always trying to get my friends to forward me emails they’ve sent to other people - to their mom, their boyfriend, their agent - the more mundane the better,” she writes. “How they comport themselves in email is so intimate, almost obscene - a glimpse of them from their own point of view.”

WE THINK ALONE starts Monday - sign up here to get those coveted insights that Miranda's collection of clackety-typing celebrity-friend fingers can provide.  All adventurous women do! 


Photos via EveWithoutAdam.com, DianeGarret.com.