Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future - BUST

Retro-pop with a sense of humor makes The Bird and The Bee's latest album sophisticated and enchanting.

Enchanting retro-pop duo the Bird and the Bee had us at hello with their sophisticated self-titled debut in 2007, since vocalist Inara George and multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin’s stylish blend of ’60s-inspired Tropicalia and classic jazz was incredibly pristine compared with their indie peers’. It’s with a playful sense of humor that Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future sparkles even more eloquently, particularly on the bubbly “You’re a Cad” and “Diamond Dave,” an animated homage to David Lee Roth’s colorful alter ego. Dreamy “My Love,” complete with cheerleading handclaps and dizzying piano loops, and the easy airiness of “Baby” will awaken your inner groove thing. As George sings on the funky “Polite Dance Song,” “Give it up for me please/Put your hands in the air/If you know what’s good for you/You want to shake it like you just don’t care.” Hells yeah.