Acid Tongue - BUST


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Jenny Lewis has struck gold again with Acid Tongue.

It's clear Jenny Lewis is the antsy type. She plays around with genres and experiments with vocal techniques like she's changing T-shirts. It's paid off well, both as the frontwoman of Rilo Kiley and in her solo career, which she kicked off with 2006's Rabbit Fur Coat. That record was a soul and gospel-infused gem, and it seems Lewis has struck gold again with Acid Tongue. In this collaboration-heavy solo effort, she takes further risks, both vocally and stylistically. The result is a slinky, '70s-inspired collection, with blues overtones and a stripped-down, almost Fleetwood Mac aesthetic. Lewis has always told complex stories lyrically, and these songs are no exception. She especially shines on slower tracks like "Bad Man's World" and "Acid Tongue," both of which display the jaded-yet-wise persona that dominates this album. Lewis is backed by a cast of musical heavyweights, including Chris Robinson, Elvis Costello, and M. Ward, as well as musicians a little closer to home--namely her dad and sister. But with her sorrowful, bell-clear voice, she's certainly the star of the show.