Like A Hot Dog In A...Handbag - BUST

hambag_hotdog.jpgIf you really like food, or things that are shaped like other things, these purses might be perfect.

Hambags by Hannah Havana of Garudio Studiage are little vinyl purses and wallets shaped like food. Choose between a hot dog, a chicken leg and a burger for the purse, or pick up a Whopper Wallet, which is shaped like - you guessed it - the very fast food favorite it was named for. They all come with a chain strap hambag_wallet.jpg(the wallet has a chain wrist loop) and zip closed. And the Garudio Studiage Shop will ship internationally, if you're interested.

Aren't novelty-shaped purses great? So much fun. I'm inspired to bust out the guitar-shaped bag I haven't carried in years. -Liza

(photos via www.garudiostudiage.com)

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