xocover3smToday marks the release of Mariah Carey's 304583905830th holiday album. So what! Who cares about that, when today is the release of  XO's  FREE album For the Holidays Vol. III. It's an all genre compilation of various bands the PR firm represents. All-genre meaning there's something in here for everyone! But also that you might not like some of it, but hey! It's free, remember? Plus it's the perfect thing to play while you're sitting in your cozy warm home, doing all the cute holiday craft projects out of our upcoming holiday issue. This is the third year in a row XO has done their holiday album and this year it's featuring the likes of Paper Tongues, Piney Gir from London, The Winter Sounds, Triggers, a Dreidel Song from Campfire Ok, CMJ standouts Pictures of Then, Transient Songs, Captain Nowhere and Judge Jackson with special vocals and drums from Billy Bob Thornton. It makes for a nice listen, but you all should really watch out for that great December/January holiday issue of BUST where we will delight you with our own seasonal sound picks for our Holiday Music Guide. So keep a look out!

If you missed all those links, you can download the free holiday album here.

Photo source: www.xopublicity.com