Table of Contents June/July 2011



Go With The Flo

From “Dog Days” to the VMAs, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has had quite a ride.
By Mikki Halpin

Riding In Cars With Girls

Have a blast from coast to coast with these gal-friendly road-trip destinations.
By Lisa Butterworth

Liner Notes

Our loving tribute to three behind the-scenes pioneers of rock: Cordell Jackson, Carol Kaye, and Lillian Roxon.
By Erin DeJesus


Amazing auteur Miranda July is back with another mind-bending feature film.
By Jenni Miller

The Craft

Creepy, kooky, and altogether spooky, a new brand of girl-dominated electronica called witch house is coming to a stereo near you.
By Callie Watts

Solid Gold

The season’s hottest looks modeled by our favorite music makers. Starring: MNDR, Cat’s Eyes, Gang Gang Dance, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Agnes Obel, and the Raveonettes.
Photographed by Michael Lavine, styling by Priscilla Polley

  • Amy Klein of Titus Andronicus turns up the volume; The Smiths Project gives Moz a run for his money; Nomi Network offers traffi cked women a way out; and more.

  • She-bonics Real talk from Erykah Badu, Lady Gaga, Lykke Li, and Janet Jackson. By Whitney Dwire

  • Pop Quiz Aretha Franklin for the win! By Emily Rems

  • Hot Dates Events to try in June and July. By Libby Zay

  • Boy du Jour Hanging with TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe is a lovely way to spend a day. By Jen Hazen

  • Make your own cigar-box ukulele; apply for a grant; grow a carnivorous garden; and more.

  • Buy or DIY Unbeweavable fabric necklaces! By Heather Loop and Callie Watts

  • Old School Grandma Jeanne’s icebox cake. By Brandy Barber

  • Style advice from accessories designer Sue Eggen; putting teeth whiteners to the test; Hollywood-inspired designs by Geronimo; and more.

  • BUST Test Kitchen. Our interns make their skin gleam with body tint, face wash, and sunscreen.

  • Good Stuff Look your best at the next music fest. By Stephanie J

  • Sex-positive readings, and more.

  • Questions for the Queen Dr. Carol Queen makes getting together feel better.

  • One-Handed Read Desert Oasis. By Janie Edwards

  • Pop Tart Saluting the delightfully bland royal fam. By Wendy McClure

  • Museum of Femoribilia Gals liked getting pinned when a corsage was involved. By Lynn Peril

  • News From a Broad Remembering the real Rosie the Riveter. By Kara Buller

  • Nickel and Dined When life gives you summer, make lemonade! By Isa Chandra Moskowitz

  • Mother Superior When her kid fails to retain his retainer, Mama goes Dumpster diving. By Ayun Halliday

  • Around the World in 80 Girls You’ll be glad you went to Ghent! By Courtney Davis

  • X Games Not So Hard! By Deb Amlen

  • Music Reviews; plus, backstage legend Bebe Buell steps into the spotlight.

  • Movies! Women Art Revolution asks “Who Took the Bomp from The Tree?”

  • Books Reviews; plus, Lynn Peril goes Swimming in the Steno Pool.

  • BUSTshop

  • The Last Laugh Tammy Pierce dances the night away. By Esther Pearl Watson